CDM Stravifloor Prefab
CDM Stravifloor Prefab

Stravifloor Prefab* is a pre-manufactured modular floating floor solution that is delivered on site with detailed installation drawings making it exceptionally easy to install whilst minimizing the risk of installation errors.

The CDM Stravitec elastomeric bearings or springs ensure this high-performance floating floor system provides excellent structure-borne and airborne noise isolation.

Main Characteristics

  • Natural frequency: ≥ 6 Hz (with elastomeric pads) or ≥ 2.5 Hz mm (with springs)
  • Product standard height: 30 mm and 50 mm (elastomeric pads) or 89 mm (springs)
  • Minimum system height: 130 mm (concrete/screed) or 70 mm (timber/cement boards)
  • Minimum air gap: 30 mm

*Previously known as CDM-FLOAT

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