CDM Stravifloor
CDM Stravifloor Deck

Stravifloor Deck* is a low-profile floating floor system using a proprietary dovetailed metal deck for thin concrete pours. The system's high bending stiffness allows for concrete toppings as thin as 50 mm, making this system a great solution for projects that require a low-profile or lightweight concrete floating floor. It is also suitable for areas with high live loads.

This system provides a high-performance floating floor system for excellent structure-borne and airborne noise isolation, while minimizing any impact on the available floor-ceiling height.

Main Characteristics

  • Natural frequency: ≥ 6 Hz (elastomeric pads) or ≥ 2.5 Hz (springs)
  • Product standard height: 50 mm (elastomeric pads) or 64 mm (springs)
  • Minimum system height: 100 mm
  • Minimum air gap: 50 mm

*Previously known as CDM-QuietDECK

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