CDM Stravifloor
CDM Stravifloor Batten

Stravifloor Batten* is a resilient floor batten system for the support of wet (concrete pour) or dry (panelized) floating floors with anchoring system to the base structure. The battens can be used even on inclined base structures to obtain a high acoustical performance.

Main Characteristics

  • Can support a variety of formwork such as wood-based panels, metal decking or cement particle board
  • Designed to resist shear and uplift forces
  • Discrete isolators are fixed to wood-based strips (MDF) at the factory
  • Stravifloor Batten can be assembled with elastomeric bearings of various types and dimensions

*Previously known as CDM-FLOOR-T


  • Highly adaptable solution with multiple variations in height, load bearing capacity and acoustic performance
  • Easy and quick to install resulting in a very cost-effective solution
  • Can be attached to the structural floor, allowing it to have an angle of inclination of up to 50 degrees

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