CDM Stravifloor Mat
CDM Stravifloor Mat

Stravifloor Mat* products are low-profile roll-out isolation solutions made of regenerated materials, providing cost-effective structure-borne noise protection (including rolling noise). It can be used with gypsum, lightweight, or normal weight concrete without need for formwork, and can also be installed with plywood and cement board panelized systems.

Available in various thicknesses, Stravifloor Mat provides a great level of impact noise reduction with minimal system thickness and is a cost-effective solution to achieve building code requirements for floor-ceiling assemblies.

Stravifloor Mat line has flat underlayments (F) and wavy mats (W). The wavy form on the underside of the mat reduces the contact area to the subfloor and reduces the dynamic stiffness of the material to maximize its performance.

Main Characteristics

  • Natural frequency ≥ 15 Hz
  • Standard product height: 3 and 4.5 mm (flat) and 8 mm, 15 mm, 25 mm (wavy)
  • Minimum build-up height: 40 mm (timber/cement board) and 60 mm (concrete/screed)

*Previously known as CDM-MAT

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