CDM Stravimech
CDM Stravimech Bearing
Stravimech Bearing* isolation supports offer a simple and cost-effective vibration and impact isolation to a wide range of machines, such as compressors, pumps, air-handling and cooling units, moulding systems in foundry, textile machinery, vibrating machinery, etc.

CDM Stravitec offers three types of bearings:

  • Stravimech Bearing-Air, isolation systems intended for isolation of very low frequent vibrations
  • Stravimech Bearing-P, isolation resilient pads
  • Stravimech Bearing-S, isolation springs

Main Benefits

  • Temperature differences: significant stiffening effect at the glazing temperature around -35°C; significant softening effect when reaching temperatures around and above +100°C; in-between these extremes, the material characteristics can be considered fairly constant
  • Excellent electrical resistance
  • Good resistance to most oils and solvents (details available on request)
  • Very low natural frequency (< 3 Hz) 
  • Frequency can be tuned to expected performance
  • Frictionless movement
  • Height regulation possible
  • Wide range of Stravimech Bearing systems available to cope with different requirements

Design Requirements

  • Weight and load distribution of the machine to be supported on Stravimech Bearing
  • Available space for the supports (surface and height)
  • Excitation frequency of the machine to be supported
  • The required vibration isolation performance or natural frequency of the solution
  • Specific conditions
  • Location of center of gravity of the machine to be isolated 
  • Support surface layout

*Previously known as CDM-MACHINE-PAD & CDM-AIR

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